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How to Make CCcam.cfg file?

Most of the satellite CCcam receiver boxes need CCcam.cfg file with your CCcam lines on it in order to work properly. Usually users ask their providers for a cfg file not knowing they can create it themselves. Doing this is pretty much easy and you only need to have your CCcam lines to put in it.
First, create a simple text document. Put your CCcam lines in it. Make sure your Lines have the correct format according to your box. Note: usual format of CCcam lines is C: server port user pass Now from the top left side of your text document click File > Save As .... At the bottom there is a section called "Save As Type", change it to "All Files". Then from the top of it in "File Name" write CCcam.cfg and save it. Note: remember it`s vital that the first two C`s be in Caps Letters. Thats it, your CCcam.cfg file is ready to be used.

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How to Setup CCcam on VU+?

For transferring the CCcam.cfg file into your VU+ SOLO or DUO, you need to use a FTP client. we suggest DCC!

Now, you just need to transfer the CCcam.cfg file into the /var/etc/ folder. Note: If you already have a CCcam.cfg file in that location, simply right click the file and click edit to put your C-lines in it and save the file.

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